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3D Furniture Modeling Company

Our 3D furniture modeling company provides custom creation of lifelike designs, models and renders of various types of furniture for residential and commercial architectural projects.

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Furniture Modeling Services We Provide

Rich experience in creating 3D models allows us to guarantee impeccable quality in the development of 3D furniture design. We develop projects for home, office, catering, medical and hotel institutions and much more.

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    Home Furniture #

    We provide 3D furniture design services for creating functional and beautiful home furniture of any interior style. Choose furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms and gardens according to your wishes and budgetary framework.

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    Office Furniture #

    3D furniture modeling for office and coworking spaces with our company is an example of business style, comfort and practicality. Our modelers will work out and create the perfect furniture with an ergonomic design that is comfortable for many hours of work in one place.

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    Industrial Furniture #

    Our experts will select the perfect furniture design for any business area: restaurants, hotels, exhibition spaces, clubs and shopping centers. We will select the optimal solution for style, practicality and rational use of space to ensure all-round advantages.

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    Recreational Furniture #

    While doing 3D furniture modeling for recreational spaces, we study the latest trends in creating comfortable, attractive and innovative pieces of furniture that fulfill specific functions. These can be lounges, dressing rooms, bookcases, tables and chairs with a special shape, and more.

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Our 3D Furniture Modeling Portfolio

We have a large number of completed 3D furniture design projects under our belt: take the opportunity to look into our portfolio.

Advantages of 3D Furniture Modeling For Your Business

High-quality and realistic 3D furniture models can serve several purposes of your business at the same time. They also and bring you many benefits.


Time Saving

Creation of a 3D model of any type of furniture will take no more than a couple of days. So you can plan all your commercial and marketing activities in advance. Say no to delaying or wasting additional resources.


Increased Variability

3D modeling allows you to see furniture options from different materials, in different colors and with different textures. It is also a great way to show customers the widest possible range of furniture and stimulate sales.


Reduced Costs

Instead of looking for locations for a photo shoot of new furniture and spending a lot of money, it is enough to make 3D modeling of any style of interior or exterior with the right composition for the best demonstration of the desired piece of furniture.


Simple Repurposing

Ready-made 3D furniture design is a multifunctional product that can be repurposed for different directions from commercial, such as placement in a catalog and on a website, to marketing, such as creating promo videos, ads and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What can I do with 3D furniture modeling?#

    3D modeling of furniture is the best way to create a layout for future production. It also helps create an interior design for future residential or commercial apartments. Modeling allows you to vary the number of parts from a sketch or concept to complex multi-model designs where dimensions and parts are accurately considered.

    The main advantages of 3D furniture modeling:

    1. Fast terms of performance of work.
    2. No need for the services of a photographer.
    3. No need to search for test samples, make prototypes and build showrooms.
    4. It is easy to make any changes, as well as scale the workpiece for different models.
    5. Easy adjustment of the level of detail and style of the interior.
    6. Flexible budget planning.


  • What are the applications of 3D furniture design?#

    Today, 3D furniture modeling has become an excellent alternative to the services of a photographer. It is inexpensive, but has a number of useful advantages. Modern technologies allow you to create a three-dimensional image that will be indistinguishable from ordinary photography.

    Areas of use of 3D furniture modeling:

    • Formation of a product catalog.
    • Commercials, brochures and similar products.
    • Demonstration of new collections of furniture to the buyer.
    • Preparing an apartment for renovation, when it becomes necessary to select all the elements for the style of the interior.


  • How much 3D does furniture modeling cost?#

    There are several main factors that affect furniture modeling cost:

    1. Complexity of the model. Complexity means the level of detail or, in other words, the number of polygons. Low poly models are used primarily in video games where fast real-time rendering is needed. Medium poly modeling includes more detail, while high poly is a photorealistic option with as much detail as possible.
    2. Background image. The cheapest option is a simple white background. Adding details such as interior elements increases the cost. The most expensive option is a full-fledged lifelike interior in which the required model is introduced.
    3. Viewing angle. The model can be viewed from one side or from several, depending on how it will be placed in the interior. The more visible sides you need to work out, the more expensive the model is. You can order a general view, a top view, a close-up or the most expensive option of a view from all sides.
    4. Urgency of work. The faster the result is needed, the more modelers need to be involved in the work and the higher the project cost will be. It should be remembered that even in the case of overtime work, good 3D furniture design will not be able to implement a project in one day since they will never work at the expense of quality.
    5. Number of fixes. If adjustments to the project are not included in its initial cost, then each new one will increase the final price of the model. This is due to the fact that modelers have to spend time reworking and correcting the model.


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