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3D Exterior Visualization Services

Our team provides 3D exterior visualization services to create a perfectly textured, highly detailed and photorealistic exterior product of any architectural concept for various stages of a construction project design.

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When Do You Need 3D Exterior Visualization?

Exterior visualization is always a very accurate and high-quality product that perfectly reflects your idea and allows you to fulfill many goals.

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    Accurate Calculations #

    All calculations that relate to the purchase of the necessary materials for construction and decorations, as well as the approximate timing of construction work, become possible thanks to the perfect visualization of the project.

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    Demonstration of the Project #

    3D exterior visualization is an ideal way to evaluate the project of a future building and its infrastructure even before the construction stage, to choose the best building materials and clarify all the nuances of design.

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    Compliance with Building Norms #

    Three-dimensional architectural visualization of the exterior allows you to accurately calculate the scale, dimensions and architectural features of buildings to obtain building permits and comply with all regulations.

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    Perfect Troubleshooting #

    First-class clarity and closeness to photographic realism of a three-dimensional display of an object best reflects the strengths of its style and shape, as well as reveals its weaknesses that can be dealt with even before construction begins.

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Our 3D Exterior Visualization Portfolio

We have a large number of completed 3D exterior visualization projects under our belt: take the opportunity to look into our portfolio.

Advantages of 3D Exterior Visualization For Your Business

Each 3D exterior visualization is a high-quality work with great detail and photorealism that can bring many benefits to your business.


Saving Budget

The cost of 3D exterior visualization services is much lower than the cost of a real exterior model or a photo shoot on a specially equipped site with the necessary elements.


High Speed

Exterior visualization services allow not only to quickly create the required exterior, but also to make the necessary changes at any time and submit them to the customer for consideration in electronic form.


Perfect Visualization

Modern technologies create 3D visualization, indistinguishable from high-quality photographs with any lighting, details and elements that the customer requires.


Customer Satisfaction

3D exterior visualization fully reflects the future real object in all details without distortions and inaccuracies, which guarantees complete customer satisfaction with the results of work.

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Things to Know Before Applying for 3D Exterior Visualization Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How long does it take to complete my 3D exterior visualisation project?#

    Time, as well as cost, depends on the level of detail and the number of viewing angles required. For example, 3D exterior visualization of individual residential buildings can take 5 business days. If the model is ready, it will take 3-4 days to work. The construction of multi-storey public buildings takes at least 7 working days.

  • How much should I pay for a 3D exterior visualisation?#

    The cost is influenced by several main factors:

    1. The area and height of the object. The larger the building, the more complex and longer the 3D graphics process. As a rule, the calculation of the base cost is based on the number of floors in the building.
    2. The number of views of the 3D image. Their number is limited only by the request of the customer. Naturally, large buildings and objects of a complex architectural style require a greater variety of angles than compact and laconic ones.
    3. The granularity of the elements. Painstaking drawing of the smallest nuances is the most time consuming part of the process. However, it is worth it: it is the attention to detail that provides the effect of realism in the final image.
    4. Terms of the project. Depending on how much time is allotted for the work, a certain number of specialists are involved.
    5. Special wishes of the customer. Their individual character and the degree of complexity of implementation in 3D graphics are assessed in each individual case.
  • Is exterior visualisation faster to produce than interior?#

    It all depends on the level of detail. Exterior visualisation can take as much time as interior design, and even longer when you consider the large number of elements and details surrounding the building.

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