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3D Exterior Design Services

We offer 3D exterior design services supported by the most modern equipment and experienced specialists with a large number of projects under their belt for the virtual embodiment of the appearance of any architectural structures and forms.

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3D Exterior Design Services We Provide

3D visualization of the exterior allows you to design three-dimensional images of buildings that fit into the environment and have their own architectural forms that are as close to reality as possible. And we know how to implement it.

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    3D Exterior Rendering #

    Creation of alluring 3D images to present compelling looks for the entire exterior 3D design, from residential buildings to commercial structures such as hotels, office buildings or city center landscapes.

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    3D Exterior Visualization #

    We provide 3D visualization of the exterior, paying special attention to detail and photorealistic composition using the latest 3D modeling technologies that allow us to complete projects faster and with greater accuracy.

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    3D Exterior Modeling #

    3D modeling of the exterior provides an opportunity to architecturally visualize design solutions, evaluate all details and proposals, and create a real prototype of the project before the actual construction work begins.

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Our 3D Exterior Design Portfolio

We have a large number of completed exterior 3D design projects under our belt: take the opportunity to look into our portfolio.

Advantages of 3D Exterior Design For Your Business

Modern 3D design and visualization tools make it possible to model the exterior of your dreams and be fully prepared for its creation. In addition, other benefits await you.


Significant Savings

3D exterior design and visualization is a quick and effective method to prepare for the creation of a house or residential complex and calculate all the necessary parameters, materials, resources and finances before starting construction.


Full Adaptability

The use of modern 3D visualization programs allows you to adjust projects at all stages of development. By introducing corrections and additions to the appearance of the created buildings, you can create a new reality before your very eyes.


Absolute Precision

Exterior visualization is capable of perfectly and accurately imitating in volumetric-spatial graphics both residential complexes and individual cottage settlements, as well as entire microdistricts inscribed in large-scale urban planning plans.


Perfect Demonstration

You will receive many more clients if you manage to present to potential buyers not just a single real estate, but a whole complex with a developed infrastructure, made in three-dimensional visualization mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How does our 3D exterior design process work?#

    The three-dimensional image of the model gives a clear idea of ​​what the future home will be like as a result. Any work on a model begins with choosing the style and size of the intended house.

    Further, after agreeing on the number of storeys of the room, area, ceiling height, window dimensions, specialists work on the facade of the building, a 3D visualization of the exterior is created. When the work is done jointly with customers, it is more convenient to develop a flat model, on the basis of which to create a three-dimensional image. In addition, it is technically easier to do thanks to programs for the import of flat drawings into 3D models.

    After the volumetric model is built, the specialists proceed with the actual visualization. Simply put, you need to take an all-round photo of the house and end up with a standard aspect ratio. Exterior rendering is performed using an additional software module that turns a virtual image into a realistic live photograph.

    When creating a project, the subsequent addition of the adjacent territory is allowed. In this case, a full-fledged picture of the entire plot with the house is obtained. It is this kind of 3D exterior visualization that is most popular and in demand today. In addition, such a step allows you to save a lot of money on general visualization, as opposed to paying for each separate stage.

  • How much should I pay for a 3D exterior design?#

    The price for visualization of the exterior is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the object, the nature of the texture distribution and the timing of the work. The following parameters affect the prices of visualization when performing services relative to the exterior:

    1. Deadlines. A project with an extremely tight deadline will cost more.
    2. The number of views. Each additional visualization of the building from a different angle is paid additionally.
    3. The scale of the object. The impressive size of the objects usually requires the involvement of a larger number of specialists.
    4. Thorough elaboration of details. This kind of work requires a lot of creative effort and a lot of time.
    5. The complexity of the surrounding landscape. Around the house there may be footpaths and various bodies of water, decorative stones and lamp posts. The price also depends on whether the completely synthetic environment is recognized or it is made on the basis of photographs of the real area and so on.
    6. The need for individual 3D modeling. It so happens that the client certainly wants to see a specific object in the image: ordering an individual creation of a 3D model will cost more.
  • Who needs 3D exterior design services?#

    Visualization of exteriors helps to evaluate in the smallest detail both the advantages and disadvantages of a future building, be it a residential building, a summer residence, or any other room. It is necessary for both future buyers and builders who will be directly involved in the creation of a residential or commercial structure. The use of modern computer programs for 3D visualization allows you to flexibly adjust the formation of projects at all stages of development, thus, literally before our eyes, build a virtual house, which will soon become real.

    3D visualization of exteriors helps not only to model the future appearance of a particular building, but also of the whole microdistrict, which will be very important for developer companies.

    3D visualization can be used not only in the construction of new buildings, but also in the implementation of repair work, which will be many times more efficient if the necessary parameters of changes are calculated in advance. With the help of 3D visualization, you can correctly select building materials, visually presenting them inscribed in the general context.

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