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3D Solid Modeling Company

Our team of modelers and design engineers has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of creating 3D solid models that can be used for both production and analytical purposes.

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3D Solid Modeling Services We Provide

As a fast-growing design and engineering company, we create 3D CAD models, regardless of the complexity of product design, for various industrial components, including the following areas.

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    Furniture Products #

    Our qualified experts have years of experience and unrivaled knowledge of 3D solid modeling services for the design of residential and commercial furnishings: we are ready to create and optimize custom models.

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    Material Handling Equipment #

    With our engineers and modeling experts, we guarantee the accurate and efficient creation of the right model for handling equipment of any scale and complexity.

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    Automotive Parts & Components #

    With our solutions for 3D solid modeling and rendering of automotive equipment and components, we ensure that any design intent is optimized before it goes into production.

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Our 3D Solid Modeling Portfolio

We have a large number of completed 3D solid modeling projects under our belt: take the opportunity to look into our portfolio.

Benefits of 3D Solid Modeling With Us

Our specialists have extensive experience in solid modeling of various products and in the implementation of projects of varying complexity. We offer you the following benefits.


Speed ​​and Quality

We are focused on the fast and high-quality creation of the solid models you need, regardless of the complexity of the project and the number of parts required to display: we have all the resources for this.


Improved Visualization

The implemented 3D solid modeling projects help to delve into the essence of the product as much as possible and evaluate both its feasibility for production and efficiency for specific intentions related to its use.


Increased Variability

The created model can be easily and quickly changed at any time if you find its design unsuitable or want to modify certain aspects. It can also be used to be placed on different channels for different purposes.


Double Quality Check

We have developed a double procedure for checking the quality of the finished 3D solid modeling: with the help of a special internal system, as well as through the personal control of the lead of the modeling team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is 3D solid modeling?#

    Solid modeling is digital modeling of three-dimensional solid objects in order to ensure the geometric correctness of each surface. 3D solid modeling services are relevant for various fields, in particular mechanical, electrical and others.

    3D solid modeling is considered the most difficult type of computer-aided design due to the need to model an object both outside and inside. This allows designers to demonstrate different cross-sectional elements, such as engines. It is also useful for understanding the product prior to creating the actual design and making informed decisions about how to manufacture the product.

  • What are the types of solid modelling?#

    Modern CAD systems include two types of solid modeling methods: boundary representation (B-Rep) and construction solids geometry (CSG). The B-Rep method defines a shape or profile and then either creates a revolved body around a specified axis, or extrudes the shape in a specified direction.

  • What is the difference between surface modeling and solid modeling?#

    Surface modeling focuses on the external aspects of an object. Surface modeling is used by professionals to create complex shapes and depict the surfaces of exterior parts cars, airplanes, household and industrial equipment. The technology is used to design objects manufactured by stamping or injection molding.

    3D solid modelers do not work with individual surfaces, but immediately with shells. The surface of the modeled object is completely described by shells that separate the internal volume of the object from the rest of the space. In 3D solid modeling, the process of building an object shell is similar to the process of manufacturing the modeled object itself. First, a simple shell is created, which is then adjusted to the model as needed.

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