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3D Modeling Services

We provide our clients with superior 3D product modeling services in order to increase audience attention and accelerate sales growth. Our team is backed by state-of-the-art technologies and advanced knowledge to guarantee the delivery of any project on time according to the approved plan and the wishes of the customers.

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3D Modeling Services We Provide

You are free to choose any of our custom 3D product modeling services to strengthen your product marketing efforts, reach a new level of customer awareness and significantly increase your sales.

Industries We Serve

Our 3D product modeling company polishes and delivers custom 3D modeling services to reinforce and enrich several core areas.



Our 3D product modeling services allow companies to showcase products, from electronics to furniture, and their qualities in the most profitable way. Models increase attention to products and distinguish them from analogues, stimulating buyers to make a choice in their favor.



With the help of models created by our 3D product modeling company, marketing and PR departments get a powerful tool for promoting a brand on the market and in social media, attracting audience attention and increasing reach through an optimal product presentation.



Customized 3D product modeling, simulations and combined solutions introduced into the educational process make it simpler, faster, more modern and more effective due to an interactive element and a visual approach. Students perceive new information much better with improved quality of memorization.



Our architectural visualizations and renders give the viewer a deep understanding and comprehensive information about the object, be it interior or exterior, residential, commercial or landscape design. At the same time, all designs are easily customizable and available for change at any time.

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Why You Can Trust Us: The Benefits Of Outsourcing 3D Modeling Design

01- Relevant Expertise
Relevant Expertise
  • Great experience

    We have been working in the field of 3D product modeling for over 9 years and are well versed in the specifics of working with different thematic areas to deliver the optimal result.

  • Skillful specialists

    Our 3D modeling company includes 40+ talented 3D artists, modelers and animators who easily take on a project of any scale and complexity and ensure its timely and high-quality implementation.

  • Wide tech toolkit

    We work with the best 3D product modeling software to provide customers with results that exceed their expectations: AutoCad, ArchiCad, 3ds Max (Vray, Corona, Arnold), Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop and so on.

02- Complete Flexibility
Complete Flexibility
  • Customized team

    For each industry and expertise that we provide, we assemble a team of highly specialized experts for the required areas. They understand the intricacies of different industries and customer requirements.

  • Different cooperation models

    We have several options for interaction models, support and payment schedule, and project delivery stages. We fully adapt to the needs of our clients and provide mutually comfortable working conditions.

  • Selection of specific tools

    If clients require custom 3D product modeling services in a specific software or provide source materials in a particular format, we adapt to their needs and work in these programs.

03- Perfect Quality
Perfect Quality
  • Standardized QA

    Carefully designed, optimized and standardized quality assurance and control processes related to 3D product modeling services enable us to meet all the necessary criteria set by our customers.

  • Absolute photorealism

    Our 3D artists and modelers create incredibly lifelike materials and perfectly balance light, shadows and reflections to achieve a realism that is indistinguishable from photography.

  • Quality double-check

    Before presenting a project to a client, we subject it to double control: first, it is analyzed for compliance with our internal QA system, then it is manually checked by modelers and project managers.

04- Premium Service
Premium Service
  • Transparent processes

    Our clients are always aware of project planning, deadlines, and any changes thanks to a well-established communication system established by project managers, account managers and other specialists.

  • Personal project team

    Only one team is fixed on each project and it does not work in parallel on other tasks: this provides the best understanding of the specifics of the project and confidence in the result.

  • Complete security

    We value the trust of our clients, carefully protect their personal information and materials provided for work and always draw up a non-disclosure agreement before starting cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Why is 3D modeling so important?#

    3D modeling provides a realistic and accurate display of your design that can be moved, rotated, manipulated and colored. Any design can be placed in other 3D models to check clearances, address access and egress, visualize sightlines and make any changes to determine their viability.

    3D modeling allows you to evaluate the project much faster and more accurately and significantly increase the percentage of its approval. Three-dimensional design is the best way to display the dimensions of objects and their connections in 3D space, visualize any room, movement along it, and access to any point. At the same time, changing a 3D model is a fairly quick and simple procedure: it can be modified, repurposed and used for other projects.

  • Is 3D modeling harder than drawing?#

    Drawing requires more knowledge of perspective, lighting, shading, and more. Each new angle of a 2D drawing display needs a new calculation of angles and lighting. For 3D, this is not necessary: ​​you just need to move the camera and view the finished model from any side with any lighting set.

    3D modeling opens up a wide space for work for those people who do not know how to draw very well, but have a mathematical mindset. It requires deep immersion in complex software, but the result is worth it: the rich toolkit of these programs allows you to significantly automate the creation of 3D models and optimize any 3D modeling design service.

  • How much does 3D modeling design cost?#

    3D modeling design cost depends on several key factors:

    1. The complexity of the 3D model. Geometric and combinatorial complexity directly affect cost, as do the material properties and textures used to create the 3D model.
    2. 3D model design. Any 3D model starts with a concept or rough outline that provides an initial idea of ​​the desired result. The more details are included, the higher the cost of the 3D model will be.
    3. Required time frame. The faster a 3D model is needed, the more people need to be involved in its creation and the higher its price will be.
    4. Qualification of 3D modelers. The more complex a 3D project is, the more highly qualified specialists are needed for its implementation.

    The easiest way to estimate the cost of 3D design modeling is to multiply the average hourly rate of a 3D modeler by the approximate number of hours needed to create a 3D model. The average rate for a 3D modeling specialist in the US is about $ 150 per hour, in the UK, it is $ 125 per hour, in Eastern Europe, it is about $ 35 per hour. For more accurate figures, request an estimate from the selected 3D product modeling company.

  • Who needs 3D modeling services?#

    3D modeling and visualization are needed for different areas:

    1. E-commerce. Presenting a product in three-dimensional form is the best way to demonstrate it to potential buyers from all sides and help them form the most complete picture of it.
    2. Advertising and marketing. 3D models of products and their rendering are actively used in commercials, when creating design for packaging or outdoor advertising, POS materials and design of exhibition stands.
    3. Architecture and construction. 3D models allow you to create prototypes of buildings and interior and exterior design for presentation to customers.
    4. Industry and science. 3D modeling helps to create three-dimensional images of parts and objects, which can later be used to create molds and object prototypes.
    5. Video games. Modern 3D games include a large number of 3D characters, assets, environment elements and other things that make the game more colorful and immersive.